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WordPress Freelancing Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

Alex Young | WordPress Nerd

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Sup, WordPress Nerds! I’ve been an engineer for 12 years now, and most of that time, I’ve specialized in WordPress development. After making a video about WordPress freelancing tips and tricks, I thought it’d be great to put those thoughts into words too.

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Chatting With Your Clients (Communication is Key!)

When you’re a WordPress freelancer, you’ll meet all sorts of clients. Some know what they want, and some don’t – and that’s okay! It’s your job to chat with them and understand their needs. Make sure to write everything down, like what they want, when they want it, how much they’ll pay you, etc. It helps avoid any confusion later.

Choosing Your Tools Wisely (The Classic Editor vs. Gutenberg)

Ever had to pick between your favorite ice cream flavors? Picking the right tool for WordPress can sometimes feel the same. Should you stick with the classic editor you know and love, or try out Gutenberg, the new kid on the block? It might take a bit to learn Gutenberg, but it has some cool tricks that can make your job easier.

Plugin Policy (Keeping Your Clients’ Sites Safe)

Imagine plugins as the apps on your phone. They’re cool and helpful, but they also need updates to stay safe and work well. That’s why it’s important to create a plan (or a “policy”) to manage plugins. This way, you can keep your clients’ sites secure and running smoothly.

Tidying Up the Workspace (A Clean Admin Area is a Happy Admin Area)

Before you hand over the site to your client, it’s like cleaning up your room before guests arrive. You want to make the admin area neat and easy to use. Not only does it look professional, but your clients will also appreciate it!

Making Friends With Agencies (More Work Opportunities)

Working with digital agencies is like teaming up with friends on a project. They sometimes need help with WordPress jobs, and that’s where you come in! Building a relationship with these agencies could give you more work and new friends in the industry.

Watch Out for Pitfalls (Avoid Common Mistakes)

Even the best of us make mistakes, but hey, that’s how we learn! But just to give you a heads up, here are some things to look out for. Don’t accidentally become a host for your clients or manage their plugin licenses. And remember, just because a client isn’t paying a lot, doesn’t mean you should skimp on the quality of your work.

Also, while a “headless” WordPress setup can be super quick, it might confuse some clients who are expecting a typical WordPress site. Always chat with your clients about these things before you start.

So there you go, folks – my top WordPress freelancing tips and tricks. Remember, being a great freelancer isn’t just about knowing WordPress inside out. It’s also about chatting with your clients, picking the right tools, managing plugins, tidying up the workspace, making friends with agencies, and avoiding common mistakes. Happy WordPressing!

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